SG U3074 10p Dull Orange MPIL M16L, Whiter Shading (Cartor)


Brand: Royal Mail

Code: U3074M16Lwhite

Stamp Description: 10p Dull Orange

Stanley Gibbons Ref: U3074

Security Code: MPIL

Year Code: M16L

Issued In: DY20

Printing: Cartor

Other Information:

Two options exist for U3074 MPIL M16L:

  1. Dull Shading (Issued in DY19) - the areas of shading in the Queen's head are duller and with less contrast
  2. Whiter Shading (Issued in DY20) - areas of shading have a higher contrast giving an overall brighter appearance to the Queen's Head

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Associated Products:

Associated Products:

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