Embossed Issues

Embossed Issues

Between 1847 and 1854, the British postal system witnessed the introduction of embossed postage stamps. The embossed stamps featured a portrait of Queen Victoria surrounded by an intricate lattice design, produced using a unique embossing technique rather than the traditional flat printing.

The embossing created a raised effect on the paper, making the stamps not only visually appealing but also adding an extra layer of security against forgery. The Queen Victoria Embossed Issues had a relatively short period of use, being replaced by perforated stamps as technology advanced.

These stamps are highly sought after by collectors due to their unique design and limited production period. They represent a crucial phase in the evolution of postage stamps, showcasing the experimentation and innovation during the early years of philately.


Embossed issues are listed according to how many clear margins exist around the embossment. Below you will be able to select from 1 to 4 margin examples, as well as "cut to shape" where the margins have been trimmed off completely.

Product Grading

Please refer to the following grading acronyms in relation to this category.

  • UM = Unmounted mint.
  • FMM = Fine Mounted Mint.
  • AMM = Average Mounted Mint, will have some defect.
  • VFU = Very Fine Used, with a very light postmark.
  • FU = Fine Used, with moderate postmark.
  • GU = Good Used, with heavier postmark.
  • AU = Average Used, slight defect such as pulled perfs, snagged corner or slight thin.
  • SF = Stamp with faults, such as trimmed perfs, thinned, small tear.

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