GB Smiler Sheets & Smiler Stamps

British Smiler Sheets & Cut-Outs

Smiler sheets are typically A4 sized (we offer "cut-outs" if A4 sheets are too large for your collection), and feature GB commemorative stamps alongside special labels exclusive to Smiler Sheets. They are similar to Miniature Sheets whereby the large border allows for an intricate and extended design to complement the stamps.

The name "Smiler Sheets" derives from the first sheet issued containing the same designs as the "Smiler Greetings" booklets.

Royal Mail allowed for Smiler Sheets to be customised, with collectors able to provide their own photo to be printed in place of the design of the label. All sheets that we sell are standard, with the Royal Mail issued label designs.

Royal Mail also issued Commemorative and Business Sheets, a variant of the Smiler Sheet sponsored or commissioned by a business, to commemorate products, brands or historical events. We offer a selection of the Commemorative Sheets listed as an addendum to Smiler Sheets in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue.

We also offer Stampex Smiler Sheets, which were issued exclusively via Stampex. These have designs that are British-centric, with themes including British historical events, wildlife or military equipment.

Below you will find all GB Smiler Sheet products listed in sequence according to the Stanley Gibbons LS number.

There are four types of products you will find:

LS1-LS160 Full Set of 160 Smiler Sheets (Save 5% as a Set)

LS1-LS160 Full Set of 160 Smiler Sheets (Save 5% as a Set)


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