Order by Post at Albany Stamps

Our catalogue offers you the convenience of browsing offline, anytime, anywhere. With thousands of products meticulously categorized and clearly laid out, it serves as both a reference tool and a browsing companion. Annotate the catalogue to track your collection and identify items you still need.

Key benefits include the ability to pay by cheque or Postal Order, a feature not available with online orders. Plus, UK customers enjoy £1.35 postage via Royal Mail 1st Class, while international orders are dispatched at £4.10.

To order, simply fill in a form and select your preferred payment method. Your stamp journey awaits!

Order your FREE copy of the catalogue here, or download the catalogue in PDF format here.

How It Works

When browsing an Albany Stamps catalogue, you will be delighted to find thousands of your favourite philatelic treasures. We have set these out in clear and consistent categories, similar to our website, with a handy index for you to find the right page.

Each product has a code, description, and prices according to options such as Mint or Used. Simply fill out an order form with this information, select your preferred payment method, and send the order form back to use to be processed.

Once payment has cleared, the items will be dispatched to you to become excellent new additions to your collection.

Payment Methods

When ordering from our catalogue, we have a range of payment methods to suit your needs.

We have payment facilities to accept Visa, MasteCard/Maestro or American Express. You also have the option to send us a cheque or a Postal Order.

For those who prefer the peace of mind of PayPal, payment can be made directly to "sales@albanystamps.co.uk" from your PayPal account, without the need for us to invoice you first. For more information on this, see PayPal's support page here.

Alternatively, we now offer Staged Payment plans for any order over £50.00 - to read more about how this works, visit our Staged Payments page here.

Delivery & Returns

Once payment has been received, your order will be packed with care by our experienced team. Your order will be dispatched to you via Royal Mail on a 1st Class service. Postage is currently a flat rate of £1.35.

If you have provided us with an email address with your order, you will be notified by email when your order is on the way.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with your order, but if you wish to make a return for any reason, you have 14 days in which to notify us of your intention to return.

Overseas Customers

If you are an overseas customer, the process to place an order is the same. There are some important points to note for international orders:

For overseas customers, payment must be made by Visa, MasterCard/Maestro, American Express or PayPal.

Delivery is charged at £4.10.

All payments are in GBP (British Pounds Sterling). All card payments will be charged in GBP and the exchange rate used is that set by our bank on the day of the transaction. All payments made via PayPal must be sent in GBP, not your local currency.

Order a Copy Of the Catalogue

To get your hands on a FREE printed catalogue, we need some important details about where to send it. Simply fill in the form here, and a catalogue will be dispatched to you shortly.

Overseas customers wishing to obtain a printed copy of the catalogue should email us at sales@albanystamps.co.uk, as there may be a postage charge.

View the Catalogue in PDF

If you would rather download the catalogue in PDF form, you can do so here.

With a PDF copy you can browse offline on your PC, tablet or mobile, or you can print out specific pages as required for easy annotation or to view with enlarged print.

Print Additional Order Forms

With every order that we dispatch to you, we will include a fresh order form for your next order.

If you need to print additional copies of the order form, or you wish to complete the order form on your computer and print it out, you can download the form here.