1840 Two Penny Blue

Unveil the History of the 1840 Two Penny Blue Stamp

Step back in time to 1840, when the world of philately witnessed the birth of the iconic 1840 Two Penny Blue postage stamp. This beautifully crafted stamp is the sibling of the Penny Black and shares a historic origin as the world's first adhesive postage stamps. Introduced alongside its famous counterpart, the Two Penny Blue featured a distinctive deep blue hue and the regal profile of Queen Victoria. This philatelic gem continued the postal revolution initiated by the Penny Black, shaping the future of mail services. Today, it stands as a cherished relic, offering collectors a unique glimpse into the past. Explore its remarkable history in our collection.

Albany Stamps' Quality Guarantee

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Product Grading

Please refer to the following grading acronyms in relation to this category.

  • UM = Unmounted mint.
  • FMM = Fine Mounted Mint.
  • AMM = Average Mounted Mint, will have some defect.
  • VFU = Very Fine Used, with a very light postmark.
  • FU = Fine Used, with moderate postmark.
  • GU = Good Used, with heavier postmark.
  • AU = Average Used, slight defect such as pulled perfs or slight thin.
  • SF = Stamp with faults, such as trimmed perfs, thinned, small tear.
1840 SG5, 2d Blue - II, 3 Strong Margins, Black "Brighton" Maltese Cross

1840 SG5, 2d Blue - II, 3 Strong Margins, Black "Brighton" Maltese Cross

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