1841 Line Engraved Imperfs

Delve into Philatelic History with the 1841 Line Engraved Imperfs

Transport yourself to the early 1840s, a pivotal period in the world of stamp collecting. The 1841 Line Engraved Imperfs are a mesmerizing sequence of postage stamps that emerged shortly after the Penny Black and Two Penny Blue. These stamps showcase the evolution of postal services with their intricate line-engraved designs. From the elegant 1d red to the stately 2d blue, each imperforate gem carries a piece of history. These stamps, renowned for their precision and craftsmanship, reflect the growth of the British postal system. Explore the timeless allure of the 1841 Line Engraved Imperfs, and journey through an era where every stamp was a work of art.

Penny Red Plating

Below you will find the option to buy the 1841 Penny Reds according to either their shade or their plate. If you choose to purchase according to plate number, the shade you receive will be a random selection. Vice-versa, if you purchase a particular shade, the plate number will be a random selection.

Product Grading

Please refer to the following grading acronyms in relation to this category.

  • UM = Unmounted mint.
  • FMM = Fine Mounted Mint.
  • AMM = Average Mounted Mint, will have some defect.
  • VFU = Very Fine Used, with a very light postmark.
  • FU = Fine Used, with moderate postmark.
  • GU = Good Used, with heavier postmark.
  • AU = Average Used, slight defect such as pulled perfs or slight thin.
  • SF = Stamp with faults, such as trimmed perfs, thinned, small tear.

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