Welcome to Albany Stamps Staged Payments

At Albany Stamps, we understand that building your stamp collection is a journey. Introducing our Staged Payments service, designed to make your collecting experience even more accessible.

For any order over £50, you can now spread your payments over a flexible period of up to 12 months. Here's how it works:

  1. Tailored Payment Plans: Enjoy the flexibility of crafting a bespoke payment schedule spanning up to 12 months for orders over £50.
  2. Easy Checkout Process: Simply select "Staged Payments" at checkout, and you'll be prompted to provide details about your preferred payment schedule.
  3. Agree on a Plan: Work with us to establish a payment schedule that suits your budget, either weekly or monthly.
  4. Exclusive Reservations: Once your plan is confirmed, your chosen items are exclusively reserved for you throughout the entire payment period.
  5. Simple and Secure: Dive into the joy of collecting with ease, knowing that your treasures are secured until the final payment is made.
  6. Collect at Your Pace: As you make your payments, watch your collection grow. Once the final payment is received, your stamps will be promptly dispatched to your doorstep.

Example Illustration: Consider a basket of £500; if you opt to pay over 10 months, you'll pay £50 on your chosen date of each month. Once your payments are complete, your new treasures will be dispatched promptly to you.

Embark on your collecting journey with ease – start your Staged Payments today and make your dream collection a reality.

Happy Collecting,

Albany Stamps Team