GB Presentation Packs

GB Presentation Packs are a highly collectible item issued by Royal Mail. They are designed to showcase a new issue and provide collectors with additional information on the stamps and the theme.

A typical Presentation Pack includes a set of unmounted mint stamps presented on a black card inside a decorative sleeve. Presentation Packs may also include additional postcards or promotional material. The accompanying material usually provides the collector with details on the printing method of the stamps, along with context on the subject matter, and artwork or photos related to the designs.

The Presentation Packs of some modern GB stamp issues include a second sleeve containing the Miniature Sheet in addition to the standard commemorative set. Many modern issues have also seen the black card replaced with a card emblazoned with issue-specific artwork, sometimes incorporated into the decorative sleeve.

Below you will find all commemorative GB Presentation Packs, ranging from the Shakespeare Festival Presentation Pack issued in 1964, through to modern day issues. You can also find Definitive Presentation Packs, Postage Due Packs, and Post & Go Packs.

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