King Edward VII

King Edward 7th Stamps

Step into the era of King Edward VII, a monarch whose reign marked a period of elegance and transformation. Edward Albert, son of Queen Victoria, ascended the throne in 1901, bringing a refreshing air of change to the British monarchy.

The stamps issued during King Edward VII's reign are a testament to this remarkable period in history. With distinctive designs, these stamps capture the essence of an era where tradition met modernity. From the elegant Edwardian portraits to the intricate details on each stamp, they reflect the aesthetics and values of the time.

Issues of Edward 7th

The stamps of Edward VII are excellent for collectors who thrive on assessing and comparing tiny details, with the same designs being printed multiple times across three printing presses, resulting in stamps that look identical until you get up close.

1902 De La Rue - These stamps clearly reflect the late Jubilee Issue of Queen Victoria, with some designs sharing a striking resemblance. This is where we clearly see Edward trying to merge the traditions of the late queen with his desire to make his own mark.

1911 Harrison - An interesting divergence from the prior DLR issues, Harrison did not posess the printing technology for the multicoloured stamps, so their contract only required them to print the single colour lower-value designs.

1911 Somerset House - Picking up the slack of Harrison's printing limitations, Somerset House issues the remaining multicoloured values in the post-DLR era.

Departmental Officials - Continuing the government's accounting practise set during Victoria's reign, "OFFICIAL" overprints were used for a brief period during Edward's reign. These overprinted issues were ceased altogether and withdrawn in 1904, ushered out of fashion by improved accounting methods.

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