21 set Multi Crown wmk

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Brand: Royal Mail

Code: 570-586

This set includes the following items:

  1. SG570 ½d Orange-Red
  2. SG570k ½d Orange-Red Chalk Paper
  3. SG571 1d Ultramarine
  4. SG572 1½d Green
  5. SG573 2d Light Red-Brown
  6. SG574 2½d Carmine-Red (Type II)
  7. SG574f 2½d Carmine-Red (Type I)
  8. SG574k 2½d Carmine-Red Chalk Paper (Type II)
  9. SG575 3d Deep Lilac
  10. SG576 4d Ultramarine
  11. SG576a 4d Deep Ultramarine
  12. SG577 4½d Chestnut
  13. SG578 5d Brown
  14. SG579 6d Deep Claret
  15. SG580 7d Bright Green
  16. SG581 8d Magenta
  17. SG582 9d Bronze-Green
  18. SG583 10d Prussian Blue
  19. SG584 1s Bistre-Brown
  20. SG585 1s3d Green
  21. SG586 1s6d Grey-Blue

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from on Jul 18th 2023 Verified Purchase
Thanks. These are just right for me.

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