18 set Tudor wmk

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Brand: Royal Mail

Code: 515-531

This set includes the following items:

  1. SG515 ½d Orange-Red
  2. SG516 1d Ultramarine
  3. SG517 1½d Green
  4. SG518 2d Red-Brown
  5. SG519 2½d Carmine-Red (Type I)
  6. SG519b 2½d Carmine-Red (Type II)
  7. SG520 3d Deep Lilac
  8. SG521 4d Ultramarine
  9. SG522 5d Brown
  10. SG523 6d Reddish Purple
  11. SG524 7d Bright Green
  12. SG525 8d Magenta
  13. SG526 9d Bronze-Green
  14. SG527 10d Prussian Blue
  15. SG528 11d Brown-Purple
  16. SG529 1s Bistre-Brown
  17. SG530 1s3d Green
  18. SG531 1s6d Grey-Blue

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from on May 25th 2023 Verified Purchase
all good,I will be buying again

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