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2023 Blackadder

2023 Blackadder

The Blackadder Stamp Collection: A Tribute to British Comedy Excellence

In the world of philately, there are moments when stamps transcend their role as postal tools and become cultural artifacts that capture the essence of an era. The release of the "Blackadder" stamp collection is one such moment. This collection pays homage to the iconic British TV series that has left an indelible mark on comedy and the hearts of viewers worldwide.

A Journey through Comedy Eras:

"The Blackadder" series, starring Rowan Atkinson, remains a benchmark of wit, humor, and historical satire. With each season set in a different historical period, the show takes us on a side-splitting journey through British history, from the medieval court of King Richard IV to the muddy trenches of World War I.

Stamping the Comedy Icons:

This stamp collection brings to life the unforgettable characters and moments from "Blackadder." Each stamp is a small masterpiece, featuring characters like the cunning Edmund Blackadder, the bumbling Baldrick, the scheming Lord Melchett, and more. These stamps are more than collectibles; they are windows into the comedic brilliance that defined a generation.

Nostalgia and Humor in Every Stamp:

As you explore "The Blackadder" stamp collection, you'll find yourself transported to classic moments of hilarity. The stamps brilliantly capture the essence of the characters, their expressions, and the unique humor that made "Blackadder" an enduring favorite. It's a celebration of British comedy at its finest.

Commemorative Set

Second Issue

Barcoded Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet without Barcode

Smiler Sheet

Smiler Stamps

Presentation Pack

Commemorative First Day Cover

Miniature Sheet First Day Cover


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