England Regionals Set of 60 Stamps


Brand: Royal Mail

Code: ENset

Full set of the following 60 stamps (this is the full run of EN stamps)

SG EN1 2nd Blue-Grey, DLR

SG EN1 2nd Grey, Questa

SG EN2 1st Lighter Shade, DLR

SG EN2 1st Darker Shade, Questa


SG EN4 65p

SG EN5 68p

SG EN6 2nd Darker Shading ,Type II DLR

SG EN6 2nd Lighter Shading, Type II Walsall

SG EN6b 2nd, Type I DLR

SG EN7 1st DLR Type II

SG EN7b 1st DLR Type I


SG EN9 40p, DLR

SG EN9 40p, Walsall

SG EN10 42p, DLR

SG EN10 42p, Walsall

SG EN11 44p Type II

SG EN11b 44p Type I

SG EN12 48p

SG EN13 50p

SG EN14 56p

SG EN15 60p

SG EN16 68p

SG EN17 72p Type II

SG EN17a 72p Type I

SG EN18 78p

SG EN18 78p Litho

SG EN19 81p

SG EN19 81p Litho

SG EN20 90p

SG EN21 97p

SG EN29 2nd Greenish Yellow

SG EN30b 1st Grey Head Cartor

SG EN30 1st Enschede

SG EN31 68p Litho

SG EN32 87p Litho

SG EN33 88p

SG EN34 97p

SG EN35 £1

SG EN36 1.05p

SG EN41 £1.10p Litho

SG EN43 £1.28p Litho

SG EN44 £1.33p

SG EN51 1st St George's Flag Silver Head, Cartor

SG EN51 1st St George's Flag Silver Head, Walsall

SG EN51 1st St George's Flag Silver Head, DLR

SG EN51a 1st St George's Flag Grey Head, Enschede

SG EN52 2nd Three Lions 

SG EN53 1st Lion & Shield

SG EN53a 1st Lion & Shield Venetian Red

SG EN54 £1.17p English Oak

SG EN55 £1.25p English Oak

SG EN56 £1.35p English Oak

SG EN60 £1.40p Tudor Rose

SG EN60a £1.42p English Oak

SG EN61 £1.45p Tudor Rose

SG EN62 £1.55p Tudor Rose

SG EN63 £1.63p Tudor Rose

SG EN64 £1.70p English Oak

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